"Shagari brought a tremendous amount of creativity, drive to his projects and we were
continually delighted with his fresh approach, attention to detail and the end result.
I really appreciated his ability to take our fragmented vision and combine them into the
concepts I was searching for. Shagari puts every ounce of his heart and soul into his work.
For him, it's not just about the work, but something he believes in and truly cares about.
He has a passion for the cause, gets involved, and is able to capture the emotions and feelings
to bring it all to life in ways that truly move and inspire. He has given us a beautiful "visual" voice . . .
a voice that has helped us build our brand equity, inspire/motivate people to action, and provide
awareness of our passion in a most inspirational way."
-Oliver Parman, Marketing Strategy and Branding, Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival

"I'm very satisfied with the work, effort and communication Shagari put into designing
the Freedom Solar Alliances company logo.
He clearly laid out his design process and an accurate timeline upfront, and he was very
easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. Shagari listens carefully to client
feedback and given an understanding of the client's vision, he will produce a visual design for
your company that is personally focused, vibrant and clear. The logo Shagari designed for FSA
seamlessly weaved unique historical and geographical features of our region with the larger
vision of the company, creating a mark that is understandable, memorable and beautiful.
It was an extreme pleasure working with a professional designer like Shagari to create our
company image and I would definitely choose to work with him again in the future."
-Joseph Ruotolo, VP of Operations at Freedom Solar Alliances

"The work of Shagari Guity has been nothing short of astounding. Responsive,
punctual (with regards to our tight deadlines) and visually innovative, Shagari translated
our vague notions of a visual identity into a multi-media communication device that
expresses our unique concept in the marketplace. Along the journey, Shagari’s easy-
going, yet highly creative, nature made it a pleasure to collaborate with him on such an
important part of our firm’s marketing and communications.

Already lauded by both our clients and industry peers, the WFA corporate identity
developed by Shagari Guity has been an impactful tool in the growth of our company."
-Ian Fuller, ChFC®, Managing Director, WestFuller Advisors

"Shagari is a life saver! When we were in a bind and needed a project com-
pleted ASAP, he got the job done and worked with us at every step to make
sure it came out perfect because we had no margin for error. He was great at
interpreting our needs and managing all of the details so we got exactly what
we asked for, on time and on budget."
-Jessica Braun, Director of Sales, BRELLI

"Shagari Guity worked on several projects with The Stitch Effect and we had a very
positive experience. His follow-up and desire to meet client deadlines made our job easier."
-Jerry Chu, Founder of The Stitch Effect

“My business is my baby. And I trust Shagari with my baby’s image. Shagari changed
my idea of how a professional relationship is supposed to function. He keeps his word
and he is always on time. He listens to my needs and he makes all the right decisions
from the get go. I trust his eye and judgment so much that I don’t even question his
graphic choices, that’s why I recommend him to everyone I know.”
-T. I. Williams, Founder, Livesip

"After meeting Shagari I was eager to work with him. I had the feeling he was an intensely
creative spirit. When a client of mine needed a new logo and Shagari agreed to take on the
small project, I found him not only inspired but professional and communicative, too. The design
he created simultaneously invokes two distinct images meaningful to the client's brand. That kind
of duality takes talent and keen balance. The result was just as impactful as I had hoped his work
would be. Very impressive!"
-Laura Grasso, Writer and Content Strategist

"Shagari has an uncanny ability to take your jumbled, confused ideas and realize them
into beautiful, streamlined and eye-catching materials. Since getting him to redesign
my materials, I’ve had an increase in business and many inquiries into my designer.
Mr. Guity is professional, incredibly fast and wonderfully innovative. I highly recommend him!”
-Shanté Paradigm Smalls, Performer and Research Consultant

"Aside from Shagari's obvious creative talents. What I also appreciate most about him is how eagerly
he communicated & responded promptly whenever I had inquires or needed graphic adjustments.
It gave me such a comfort in knowing that he was on it, executing whatever it was I requested with
precise vision & timely professionalism."
-Maat Petrova, Founder of The Refinement Group