Refreshing. Vibrant. Fluid.

These are the adjectives that describe the essence of Shagari Guity illustration and design.
This visual virtuoso cut his teeth as a draftsman and designer at the world renowned
Parsons The New School For Design. In the years that followed, Guity expanded his skillset
to produce bodies of bold design that seamlessly and routinely, engage corporate and
popular design communities.

For over a decade, Guity has developed campaigns for: PELE10, USA Men's Basketball Team
X CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka, Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival, Charity Ball,
Touch Magazine, The Football Factory, Grassroot Soccer & American Outlaws to name a few.

Guity’s clients seek out his meticulously innovated creations to capture and cultivate their
identities through his customized branding and personalized touch.

In the age of monotonous design, Guity consistently mergers context savvy, rich and colorful,
nuanced designs that communicate powerfully to the public. Whether you are looking to rebrand
your company’s corporate identity, or build upon
your current brand, and/or are seeking specialized
promotional and advertising design,
remember, Shagari Guity builds a great design.